ESP8266 & NRF24L01 Breadboard Adapter

You can find several breadboard adapters for ESP8266 WiFi module or nRF24L01+ RF transceiver and also several DIY manuals how to create your own, but I decided to use my new WiFi WSP8266 and NRD24L01 as soon as I got them, so I used only breadboards female headers to start my home projects. 
Check my my first IoT ESP8266 temperature humidity sensor project and my own ESP8266 ESp-01 programmer board.

esp8266 & nrf24L01

To make it really simple just cut 2 times 4 pins from female header strip and plug them to ESP-01 or NRD24L01  – you are done. 😉

esp8266 & nrf24L01

If you need more space for the wires just add 8 Pin DIP IC Socket (that I use for ATtiny 8 pins chips) and just start programming your projects.

esp8266 & nrf24L01 on breadboard

Anyway, the most simple way is just to use female wires… 😆

esp8266 with female wires
I’ve developed a programming board for ESP01. You can find the board and instructions how to load a program to ESP01 in my post: ESP01 development board.

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